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Are you Thinking About Buying an Electric Vehicle?

There are so many benefits that comes the decision to purchase an electric vehicle (EV). For some, it could be environmental, for others it might be for the ability to commute and have special access on freeways, or it might just be a great looking car! Whatever your reason is, all EV owners can agree that not having to stop at the gas station every few days, and being able to "fill up" at your home or business is a priceless convenience. Trout Electric can get you connected; so instead of leaving early for work to get to the gas station, you can charge your car and "fill up" while your car is parked right in front of your home or office.

I Brought My New Car Home, Now What?

Now that you have a delivery date or you just brought your new car home, you're unsure about how you're going to charge your new vehicle; Trout Electric is here to help. Our experience and expertise with all the various makes and models of electric cars and charging systems will put your mind at ease. After you contact us for a Free Estimateone of our highly skilled technicians will assess your home or business's electrical infrastructure and then discuss your options for your Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). All installations for your EVSE follow comprehensive guidelines along with our company standards to ensure optimal safety and charge times in addition to work quality. A few things included in those guidelines are:
  • Load Calculation and Plot Plan Provided to Ensure Electrical System Safety
  • Every Job Permitted and Compliant with NEC and City/County Regulations
  • Easily Accessible and Esthetically Mounted and Installed
  • Professional and Skilled Technicians
  • All Work Warrantied
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Choose Trout Electric?

With technology consistently changing and improving, we ensure our team remains proactive by training and education, in order to serve our customers in the most secure and efficient way. Like any service provided by Trout Electric, we take pride in all our jobs and projects, no matter the size. Our team strives to be the best and to ensure every customer is satisfied once the job is completed. Our professionalism, principles on how we believe in customer service, and quality work is what sets Trout Electric apart from other service companies. Have questions about getting a charging station? Contact us today for your EVSE installation or any other electrical needs. 
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